Mahad Marble & Granite

Marble is both classic and luxurious. Natural marbles are a gift and blessing from Nature. Marbles have been favored for a long time with their decorative effects since they have been used in many classic buildings but Marbles are precious since they are formed by nature over thousands of years and their source becomes increasingly sought after. Mahad Marble is one of the largest supplier of granite, sandstone, marble and slate in the country. It deals with several variations of tiles, slabs, cut to sizes, stone artifacts, and mosaics along with different type of finishes. Mahad Marble has a good experience in the field of natural stones and supplies the market with the best qualities of marble, granite, sandstone, mosaics, borders, murals, stone artifacts and home decor handicraft products in large quantities. Mahad Marble is supplying by more than 30 quarries and 50 natural stone processing units along with highly skilled and experienced technicians.