• Chemical formula: (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)₄O₈, where Ca/(Ca + Na) (% anorthite) is 50–70%
  • Unit cell: a = 8.155Å · b = 12.84 Å · c = 10.16 Å; α = 93.5° · β = 116.25°, γ = 89.133°; Z = 6
  • Crystal system: Triclinic
  • Color: Gray, gray-white, brown, greenish, pale green, blue, yellow, colorless
  • Crystal habit: Crystals typically thin and tabular, rhombic in cross section, striated; massive
  • Twinning: Common by albite · pericline · Carlsbad · Baveno · or Manebach twin laws


Zebradorite, also known as feldspath, is a form of feldspar and quartz, named after the zebra because of its creamy white, tan, and black markings (smoky quartz), which provides protection and transmutation of negative energy. But this isn’t just regular zebradorite – it’s a rare combination of red and yellow feldspar and smoky quartz.


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