White Galaxy


  • Milky white color
  • Multiple-use
  • striking looks


  • Slab Thickness: -18 mm
  • Slab Size: 8′ x 3′ and above
  • High Gloss Polished
  • Smooth Texture
  • Heavy thick
  • Rich Texture


White Galaxy Granite is known for its white color.  Galaxy Granite is a medium-grained, white to cream granulite with many small to medium-sized clear crystals and some pale brown garnets. White Galaxy granite has seen its beauty evolve into beautiful structures for ages now. This stone shines a lot of light. It is a scratch-proof stone because It is a hard stone. When taken care of, it can remain in tip-top shape, preserving its unique personality while still looking luxurious. This granite works beautifully as a large slab option.


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