a)The Sawar Marble Slabs having too many sizes i.e 3*3, 4*4, 5*5, 6*6,3*2 , 6*9, 6*7, 4*3, 4*8 sq. feet or many more. But If customer are in need of particular size, that can also be served by cutting on advance order (but they should less than 8*6 per sq feet) .The average size of Natuaral stone slab is 6*5 per sq.feet.

b) Basic cut sizes or Sawar Marble Tiles are available in 24*24, 24*18, 24*12, 24*9, 24*6, 21*9, 18*9, 15*9. 12*9, ,21*6, 18*6, 15*6, 12*6 sq.inches or many more. On the above , it can also be provided or cut down as per the desire of our clients by special order.



Sawar Marble is one of the cheapest quality produced in Sawar (a village), Rajashthan .. Sawar Marble having different color shade (brown, black, green or white etc) linning pattern on its surface. Sawar Marble having wonderful figurative patterns and designs. Sawar Marble is one of the most demanded  qualitative products in best competitive prices having large utility in residential & commercial purposes as a lifelong projects.


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