Rain Forest Gold

Rainforest Gold Marble Alternative Names:

Bidasar Gold Marble, Bidder Gold Marble, Bidaser Yellow Marble, Rain Forest Gold Marble, Rain Forest Golden Marble, Rainforest Golden Brown Marble, Golden Glory Marble, Rainforest Gold Marble from India


Rainforest Gold Marble tiles are available in following sizes






Slabs 180x90cm and up and 240x120cm and up

Blocks of big and small size


Cut-to-size Tiles in Polished / Unpolished / Honed:

12”x12” to 48”x24” in various thicknesses

Thickness:  18 mm or 20 mm or 30 mm or 40 mm

In addition to them we have Boteys available for handicraft manufacturing.

Tailor Made sizes are also being supplied in the required surface & edge finish:

Apart from that we can make custom made orders for counter tops, thresholds, steps and risers, etc. of Rainforest Gold Marble.


Rainforest Gold Marble Applications or Uses: 

It can be used for various interior and exterior purposes:

Flooring, Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, and Tabletops.

Vanity tops, Basin, Steps, and Risers.

Mosaic, Wall Capping, Window Sills and Fountains

Elevator panels


Rainforest Gold Marble Features

High hardness

Heat resistance

Weather resistance

Smooth finish

Easy maintenance


Rainforest Gold Marble Specification

1. SiO2 48.74%
2. MgO 3.02%
3. AI2O3 9.64%
4. CaO 6.64%
5. Fe2O3 16.89%
6. LOI 7.70%
7. Brightness 93.60%
8. CaCO3 39.00%
9. Whiteness 96.00%
10. MgCO3 30.24%


Rainforest Gold Marble which is otherwise called Bidasar Gold Marble is one of the premium and rich Gold Marble from Kushalbagh Marbles. Gold Rainforest Marble is a splendid darker base with diminishing dull-hued and dim veins, spots which show the figure of forest and trees on its exceptional marble quarried in Rajasthan.


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