Natural Granite

Pebbles are smaller stones used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden. These are used at a large scale for various interior-designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost. Pebble stone is available in Dry and Wet tumbled finishes. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles are polished/ smooth finish in comparison to the wet tumbled stone.

Sizes : Upto 1″, 1″-2″, 2″-3″, 3″ and above.



Natural stone pebbles have the ability to blend into its environment thereby fitting any design or style concept. Because of this they make for the best landscaping material to use for swimming pools, garden etc. For pool tiles, there are lots of natural stones to choose from. There are lots of benefits that natural pebble stone provide when used. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and they also provide for that sophisticated and timeless presentation that gives you all the advantages of a good looking surrounding. Please go through our products to choose from a wide variety of natural pebbles for your home or garden. Not only will you be having the best of what nature can offer for your home but you will also have something that is guaranteed to last you and your a lifetime.


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