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Lime Pink Limestone
Indian Natural Stones is the largest Processor, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier and, Wholesale Supplier of LIME PINK NATURAL LIMESTONE from India. We are one of India’s leading Limestone Companies, Lime Pink Limestone Manufacturers, Lime Pink Limestone Suppliers, Lime Pink Limestone Wholesaler, Indian Limestone Factories in the field of production and export of high quality Natural Limestone Tiles in the form of Natural, Sawn, Honed, Polished, Bush-hammered, Sandblasted, Water blasted, Antiqued, Leather finish for Buildings and Construction Stones to UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Serbia, Mexico, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Australia and many more countries with all repeat orders…lime pink limestone india.jpgIndian Natural Stones is today a well known Stone Factory as well as Stone Company for Lime Pink Limestone Tiles, Natural Lime Pink Limestone, Lime Pink Limestone Paving, Lime Pink Limestone Floor Tiles, Lime Pink Tiles, Lime Pink Tumbled Tiles, Lime Pink Tumble Cobbles, Lime Pink Tumbled Bricks, Lime Pink Wall Tiles, Lime Pink Limestone Wall Tiles, Lime Pink Limestone Flooring, Lime Pink Limestone Blocks, Lime Pink Limestone Slabs, Natural Limestone Tiles, Polished Limestone Tile, Limestone Pavers (Riven Pavers).

It is Ideal for low budget patios and pathways as building material. Indian Limestone Lime Pink is very popular among Indian Limestone Paving Stone in UK and Europe. Lime Pink Natural Indian Limestone is available in hand cut paving / Chiseled, Machine Cut Tiles, Beveled / Chamfered, Pencil Edge, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Rebated Bullnose, Rebated Square Edges and in Six Side Sawn Tiles.

We are processing and exporting Lime Pink Handcut Paving, Limestone Pavers (Square Pavers, Rectangular Pavers, Coping with Bullnose), Lime Pink Stepping Stones, Limestone Coping, Limestone cladding, Lime Pink Crazy Paving, Lime Pink Single Size Tiles, Lime Pink Limestone for Poolside, Swimming Pools,  Lime Pink Pool Paving, Lime Pink Limestone Circle Paving along with Squaring Kit 3 mtr, Pool Coping Lime Pink Limestone, Lime Pink Limestone Paving – Patio Kit, Lime Pink Limestone Paving Project Packs, Lime Pink Limestone Cobbles Setts, Lime Pink Limestone Circle Kits, Lime Pink Limestone Patio Kits, Paving Slabs, Lime Pink Limestone Walling Bricks, Lime Pink Limestone Garden Artifacts etc.

Lime Pink Limestone which is more commonly known as Kadapa Pink Limestone, Cudappah Pink Limestone, Kadappa Pink Limestone, Cadpa Pink Limestone.

lime black limestone
Lime Pink Limestone
Technical Specifications: Available On Request
Alternative Names: alt name
Sizes and Specifications:
(1) 30 cm x 30 cm – 12” x 12”
(2) 60 cm x 30 cm – 24” x 12”
(3) 60 cm x 40 cm – 24” x 16”
(4) 40 cm x 40 cm – 16” x 16”
(5) 60 cm x 60 cm – 24” x 24”
(6) 60 cm x 90 cm – 24” x 36”
(7) 60 cm x 120 cm – 24” x 48”
(8) 60 cm x 150 cm – 24” x 60”
(9) Mixed Patterns
(10) We can cut as per your instructions also…
Lime Pink Limestone machine cut tiles size in inch:
8”X8”, 9”X9”, 10”X10”, 11”X11”, 17”X23”, 22” X22”, 23”X23”, 22”X28”, 22”X9”, 22”X10”, 22”X11”, 22”X14”, 22”X15”, 22”X16”
Lime Pink Limestone Slab Size in feet:
2’X2’, 2’X2.5’ , 2’X3’, 2’X4’, 2’X4.5’, 2’X5’, 2’X5.5’, 2’X6’, 2’X7’, 2’X8’, 2.5’X2.5’, 2.5’X3’, 2.5’X4’,2.5’X5’, 2.5’X6’, 3’X3’, 3’X4’,3’X5’, 3’X6’,3’X7’
Lime Pink Limestone Skirting Size in inch:
22”X4”, 22”X5”, 17”X4”, 17”X5”
Above Lime Pink Limestone Sizes can be Supplied in Following Surface Finishes:
(1) Both Surfaces Natural
(2) Top Natural, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(3) Top Surface Honed, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(4) Top Surface Polished, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(5) Top Surface Polished, Back Natural
(6) Top Surface Brushed or Antique, Back Calibrated / Gauged.
Thickness: 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40mm, 50 mm till 80 mm


Lime Pink Limestone is a pink-colored stone with clearly visible striations. With a natural cleft finish and subtle soothing tones, this stone is known for imparting a royal touch to any residential or commercial site.


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