Tile Type: Floor, Wall
Material: Marble
Colour Tone: Light
Tile Surface: Polished (Glossy)
Tile Suitability: Indoor, Residential
Suitable Rooms: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway, Conservatory, Wet Room


Cappuccino marbles are known as beige marbles and also known as cream marbles. These elegant colour marbles have been decorating in and out of the estates, and giving them luxurious look for centuries.

Our company is one of the cappuccino marble manufacturers, cappuccino marble exporters, cappuccino marble wholesalers, cappuccino marble suppliers, and cappuccino marble importers from Turkey. We own and operate a couple of cappuccino marble quarries and our aim is to bring the best cappuccino marble reserves in Turkey to the world market at very reasonable prices.


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